Multi Protocol Simulator


It is possible to create simulation environment with simple operation.

Multi function simulator for MLT PX-10. Not only standalone operation but also simulate while logging of bus data in cooperation with MLT PX-10 Navigator. Corresponding to the CXPI conformance test.

[ Supported protocol ]  CAN,LIN,CXPI and more…

Easy to use GUI

Using easy operability GUI by ActiveX control, and prepare many controls of Button, LED, Data Counter, Switch, Digital control and so on. Operation and display in conjunction with the bit assign data is possible.

Easy to use GUI

Creation of Simulation File

Editing of Bit Assign Data

  • Equipped with BitAssign data editing function.
  • Saving only BitAssign data to file and reading.
  • By associating frame names and data names, it is possible to construct a simulation environment that is easy to analyze.
Editing of Bit Assign Data

Schedule Settings(LIN/CXPI)

  • 20 types of schedule table can be set (valid in master mode).
  • Msg.Label and ID refer to the frame information defined to BitAssign data.
Schdule Settings

Association of BitAssign Data

  • Displaying frame names and data names of defined BitAssign in tree view.
  • Easy setting which just dragging the data name to use and dropping it on the control you want to set.
Association of BitAssign Data

Integrity Checking

  • Perform integrity checking before simulation is performed.
  • The execution timing are two ways when the integrity checking button is pressed down and when the simulation start button is pressed.
  • Result of integrity checking display error contents and information on the corresponding control.
Integrity Checking

Transmit / reception data real time display function

Graph display function
(reception data only)

Up to 10 set of received data can be displayed. The display setting is simple operation just by dragging and dropping from the BitAssign data screen to the graph display screen.

Data Graph screen

Communication data display function by each protocol

During communication, all transmitted and received data on the bus is displayed for each protocol. If data not set in the control is also registered in the BitAssign, the transmission / reception value is displayed. The maximum, minimum and average values of the transmission / reception interval of each frame are displayed. Physical values and raw values considering “Resolution”, “Offset”, “Sign” of bit assign data are displayed.

Communication data display screen

Communication log data recording function

Displaying transmission / reception data which specified channel and frame ID. File saving in the CSV format is possible.

Communication log screen

Automatic inspection function

Scenario function

This function enables to memorize manual operations in order and replay them. Number of executions: 1 to 65535 times or unlimited setting are possible. By combining multiple scenario data, complicated inspection patterns can be easily created. High quality inspection is realized without depending on operator skills.

Scenario funtion

Remote mode function

Connect MPS and the server application via TCP / IP, and execute the specified scenario from the server application. Automatic inspection can be realized by acquiring communication log data.

* Customer should prepare the server application. Please contact us when you can not prepare.

Gateway function

Automatic change function(CAN/LIN/CXPI)

Automatically change the transmission value of the control when a specific value is received. It is possible to change the transmission value of more than one control for one reception condition. It is also possible to change the transmission value by calculation.

Response transmission function(CAN/LIN)

Automatically send a specified frame every time a specified data or a frame of a specified pattern are received. Since processing is executed by hardware, it can respond within 1ms.

Automatic change Response transmission
Processing method Software Hardware
Transmission of the fixed value possible possible
Transmission of the calculation value possible impossible
Maximum number of settings none *1 50 cases(CAN) / 100 cases(LIN)
Updating the control display updated Not update
Setting contents Rx : reception frame / reception data / received value
Tx : transmission control
Rx : response condition
Tx : transmission frame
Setting targets one to many one to one
The control settings on page required *2 possible even without the control

*1 Depends on PC performance

*2 It is necessary to set the control name in a target control.

Enhanced functions

Diagnostics request / response function

Support both single-frame and multi-frame, and the transmission data can be set not only on the control but also in an external files (text format and binary format). By using it with the scenario function, it is possible to automate inspection including diagnosis.

Operation of Stabilization Power Supply

Support voltage value control of DC stabilized power supply. A output voltage value, a constant current (CC) and a voltage changing step value can be set. By using it with the scenario function, it is possible to automate inspection including the power supply fluctuation.

* Please check the product catalog for corresponding model of stabilization power supply.

Using images

Inserting images, tables and descriptions can be easily added. Supported format are PNG / BMP / JPEG / GIF. By adding figures, descriptions, tables, etc., it is possible to summarize operating procedures, commentary, etc. on the MPS page.

Using images

Operation environment

Operating system
Windows10 32/64-bit
Core i5 or higher (Core i7 or i9 higher is recommended.)
Main memory
4GB or more (8GB or more is recommended.)
Disk device
10GB or more (SSD is recommended.)
A resolution of 1366×768 or higher are recommended.
MLT PX-10 etc.


¥240,000 (JPY) / 1 license
¥240,000 (JPY) / 1 license
MPS-CX(CXPI Basic function)
¥240,000 (JPY) / 1 license
(CXPI Optional function)
¥960,000 (JPY) / 1 license
  • MPS-CX-OP-CONF is a function that you can add in to MPS-CX to use.
  • Those licenses are renewed every year.(The cost of renewal: 30% of the license acquisition cost)
  • PRISM Corp.

    Product customization is possible. Please inquire in detail.