To the company that can answer your “now”
and advance together “next”.

Since our founding in 1991, we have done the customized development and tool creation with sincerely so that we can serve our customers. Thanks to you, now Our have grown as company that can earn the trust of many customers.

Our company’s philosophy is to be the company that can answer your “now” and advance together “next”.

We will support the rapidly changing automobile industry of technological innovation by handling small but highly footwork and quickly response and constantly provide development and manufacturing at low cost considering customers’ truly necessary items.

We appreciate your further support.

Company Profile

Company name Prism Co., Ltd.
Establishment June, 2018
CEO Hiroyuki Fujimoto
Capital 8.8 million yen
Head office


Fukuyama office


Head office

1-11-15 Sasame-cho, Anjo-shi, Aichi 446-0073
TEL: +81-566-74-4441 / Fax: +81-566-75-1490

Fukuyama office

1-10-17 Kounan-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 720-0814
TEL: +81-84-927-1086 / Fax: +81-84-927-1108

Development Result

Basic technology

  • FPGA development (verilog-HDL, VHDL) by the logic synthesis(RTL)
  • Device driver development for Windows
  • Application development for Windows
  • The highly responsive application development using ActiveX controls

Development result CPU

  • V85X series, VR7701 (Renesas Electronics)
  • H8, SH1, SH2, SH3, SH4, SH4A (Renesas Electronics)
  • M16, M32R (Renesas Electronics)
  • PIC12F, PIC16F, PIC32MX (Microchip)
  • Others: DSP(Texas Instruments, Renesas Electronics)

PCB(a printed circut board) forming results

  • Correspond to 1 to 16 layers board(IVH , PAD on Via Hole, Build up) depending on use and customer’s request.
  • We always deal with three board makers.
  • We constantly use four artwork designers and use them according to their specialty fields.
  • UsableCAD: Protel, Zuken CR5000
  • IR reflow, Hot blast reflow and Wave soldering process
  • Depending on the situation, the manual mounting is also possible.
  • The manual mounting can be done up to 0.4mm pitch QFP.
  • Removal can be done up to 0.5mm pitch BGA. (Outsourcing)

Company History

1991.04 PRISM was founded.
1991.08 Developed the ultra small ROM emulator “SENNA II”.
1992.10 PRISM Co., Ltd. was founded. Yukio Siode was assigned to the president.
1993.04 Developed real-time ROM emulator “ROM SCOPE”.
1995.10 Central branch was opened.
1996.10 The head office was relocated to Konan-cho, Fukuyama city.
1999.04 Developed the ON-vehicle network tester “MLT”.
2001.04 Developed the MLT 2nd Series.
2004.01 Developed the MLT 3rd Series.
2005.01 Released MLT 3rd Series / 2005 model.
2005.09 Released MGA(Multi Graphic Analyzer) initial model.
2006.08 Released MLT 3rd Series / 2006 model.
2008.08 Mikio Sunatsuki was assigned to the president.
2009.06 Released MLT 3rd Series / 2009 model.
2010.04 Released MLT 3rd Series / 2010 model. It supports not only on-vehicle network such as CAN, LIN and ISO 14230 but also various protocols such as IE Bus and I2C widely. Each company’s unique network responds with the special model.
2011.02 Upgraded MLT 3rd Series / 2010 model, supported for Windows 7.
2011.05 Released MGS (Multi Gateway Server).
2013.12 Upgraded MLT 3rd Series / 2010 model, supported for Ethernet.
2014.01 Released MPS (Multi Protocol Simulator).
2015.04 Upgraded MLT 3rd Series / 2010 model, supported for CXPI.
2016.08 Upgraded MLT 3rd Series / 2010 model, supported for Windows 10.
2018.06 Hiroyuki Fujimoto was assigned to the president.